DECA Fundraising: Thinking Outside of the Box

Nov 28, 2022

Contributed by Charles Barnett | Cypress Bay DECA, FL

Cypress Bay DECA prides itself on its fundraising endeavors. From DECA Cookies to restaurant nights, Cypress Bay takes many strides to build its financial well-being. The largest fundraising event at Cypress by far is Snack Boxes.

During this fundraiser, DECA members, DECA Leadership Council Officers and Executive Council Officers work together to fill 1,000 pre-assembled boxes with 60 snacks, including candy, cookies, cheez-its and more. After all 1,000 boxes are put together, the top executive officers at Cypress Bay work to distribute the boxes to all members in their respective DECA classes. 

The main purpose of this fundraiser is to subsidize the cost of competition field trips at the association and international levels. This allows more students at Cypress Bay to compete, as not all families can afford such expensive trips. By allowing more people to compete, Cypress Bay can improve DECA's long-term impact on its members and prepare them for their future careers. 

Another important purpose of this fundraiser is the opportunity it provides DECA members at Cypress Bay to increase their professional selling skills and knowledge by mimicking what would be considered a ‘saturated market.’ 

Overall, Snack Boxes is a great fundraising event that takes place at the largest DECA Chapter in the world: Cypress Bay, and we hope that by sharing the story of our largest fundraising event of the year, you too will be inspired to take strides in increasing your chapters financial well-being.

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