DECA Direct Magazine: Food and Hospitality

January 18, 2018

Submission deadline extended to February 18, 2022

The January-February 2018 issue of DECA Direct is here!

This issue takes you inside the hospitality industry to discover the vast opportunities available to DECA members. Plus, we have an exclusive interview with two former Utah DECA members who were recently featured on Shark Tank for their creative solution to traditional wedding bands.

Check out the entire issue online now:

Stories in this issue include:

  • New Year, New You, No Limits
  • How Will You Make Sure You're in D.C. This April?
  • Will You Accept DECA’s Advocacy Campaign Challenge?
  • 3 Surprising Facts About the Hospitality Industry
  • Written Event Competition Tips
  • The Best Career For DECA Members Who Love Food
  • Effective Fundraising Planning with The Diamond Fundraising Model
  • How These Two Entrepreneurs Went From a Last Place DECA Project to Pitching Their Business on Shark Tank
  • Chapter Buzz

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Performance Indicators:

Explain career opportunities in hospitality and tourism
Describe the nature of the hospitality and tourism industry
Describe current issues and trends in the hospitality and tourism industry
Explain the nature of corporate branding
Set personal goals
Describe the nature of entrepreneurship