Congratulations to the Top Teams in the MDA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Challenge

March 8, 2022

DECA Inc. and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) are excited to announce the winners of this year’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Challenge. The competition tasked members with creating a focused Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) strategy, as well as a marketing and communications plan, that the Muscular Dystrophy Association can use to promote DE&I to the high school and college-age demographic.

Each of the top three winning teams will be recognized on stage during the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, GA this April. The teams will also be awarded cash prizes.

Congratulations to the following DECA members:

1st Place:

Darshan Kommanapalli from Glenbrook North High School, IL

Click here to watch the video.

2nd Place:

Seraphina L Shutt from West Lincoln High School, NC

3rd Place:

Elan Schonfeld from Glenbrook North High School, IL

Thank you to MDA for sponsoring the challenge!


As DECA's education manager, Christy is responsible for enhancing an educational framework for DECA’s comprehensive learning program ensuring that all student programs are aligned to National Curriculum Standards. Christy’s extensive experience of more than 20 years in Career and Technical Education includes serving a business and marketing instructor and DECA advisor. Christy has worked for DECA since 2022.

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