Be The One: DECA Starter Pack Pt. 2

Jul 1, 2024

Here is part 2 of the “Be The One” DECA Starter Pack series. This article is all about boosting your chapter's Communications Strategy. Now that you have your chapter leadership and POL set up, it’s time to start engaging and retaining your chapter members. Here is a step-by-step strategic communications plan to help your chapter thrive this upcoming year.

1. Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar is crucial for planning and organizing your media. To create one, start by identifying key dates and events, including chapter meetings, competitions, social events, fundraisers and DECA Inc. dates. Plan the types of content you'll share and set deadlines for content creation, review, and publication. Assign clear roles to maintain consistency and accountability.

2. Weekly Social Media Calendar

A well-structured weekly social media calendar keeps your chapter’s online presence active and engaging. Here’s a brief idea for a weekly social media schedule:

  • Motivation Monday: Share a motivational quote or DECA success story.
  • Tip Tuesday: Post competition strategies, wellness tips, or professional development advice.
  • Winning Wednesday: Showcase recent chapter or member achievements or show how your chapter gets involved throughout the year.
  • Throwback Thursday: Share photos or memories from past DECA events.
  • Feature Friday: Highlight a member, advisor, alumni, and any local business or community partner supporting your chapter.

3. Utilize the DECA Brand Resource Center

The DECA Brand Resource Center is the ultimate key to ensuring visual appeal and brand consistency. Make the most of it by downloading branded templates for social media posts, flyers and presentations. Use official DECA logos and follow DECA’s official Branding Guidelines for fonts, colors and messaging to maintain cohesive branding.

4. Drive Engagement

Creating and sharing content is just the beginning. To truly engage your audience, interact with followers by responding to comments and messages and encouraging them to share their DECA experiences. Creating polls and interactive content can drive engagement and help continuously improve communications.

By implementing a strategic communications plan, your DECA chapter can effectively create and share content and drive engagement among chapter members and the DECA community. Start planning today and watch your chapter thrive!


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