Army ROTC Awards Over $2,000,000 in Scholarships to DECA Members

Apr 30, 2024

The U.S. Army has partnered with DECA for nearly 25 years. Army ROTC has annually participated at the International Career Development Conference as an exhibitor, provided mentors, judged competitions, shared remarks on leadership and awarded hundreds of thousands in college scholarships.

Congratulations to the following DECA members receiving an Army ROTC scholarship:

  • Nikhill Andrew - Eden Prairie High School, MN
  • Craig Bowman - Beaufort Academy, SC
  • Miller Bushnell - Flathead High School, MT
  • Daniel Culbreth - Cape Fear High School, NC
  • Emma Dobbins - Asheboro High School, NC
  • Alex Gatiba - Ames High School, IA
  • Hannah Glenn - East High School, TN
  • Myles Gregory - East High School, TN
  • Daniel King - Wachusett High School, MA
  • Raaghav Ramamoorthy - Centennial High School, TX
  • Gavin Thiesen - Lakes High School, WA
  • Mary Wulfekuhle - Sumner High School, WA


U.S. Army

The U.S. Army has partnered with DECA for nearly 20 years. This partnership is driven by a shared commitment to engage and inspire dedicated youth to reach their potential and ensure the broadest number of young people have opportunities to build skills, gain education and learn to be leaders. The Army believes collaborating with education is one of the keys to building a successful future for our nation’s students and offers more than 40 education programs and key partnerships, including the free, online test prep program, March2Success.

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