A World Beyond Imagination

Mar 17, 2020

Very few companies have achieved a level of success that rivals The Walt Disney Company. For decades, Disney has dominated the box office, toy market, fashion industry and, of course, theme parks. The success of Disney’s parks is no accident. With over 170,000 employees and 12 parks around the world, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products has consistently dominated the market while ensuring the ultimate customer experience. Here are the top five ways Disney Parks continue to rule the industry.

The Use of Nostalgia

We all have fond childhood memories of our favorite Disney shows and movies. The opportunity to travel back in time and interact with your favorite characters brings back memories long forgotten and creates an instant sense of community. Disney promotes the best of the best to bring in guests of all age groups and backgrounds.

Customer Personalization

From the second you enter a Disney park to the moment you leave, a story is being told and you are the main character. Creating an experience so unique is what makes Disney stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t matter if you’re six or 60, you have a story to be told at a Disney park.

Sticking to a Theme

Disney’s cast members are trained to keep guests involved in what is happening around the park. Cast members are always in character, creating a sense of trust between them and the guest. Gaining the trust of millions of guests is why Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the most-visited theme park in the world.

Visual Storytelling

Disney has a social media following of hundreds of millions across all major platforms. Memories created at the parks are captured by Disney photographers and then shared on social media. Being able to sell the experience online is a massive driver of new and repeat business.

A Whole New World

Walt Disney wanted you to leave everything except your imagination outside the park. The moment you enter should be equivalent to entering a whole new world. For over 157 million people a year, entering the park is a breath of fresh air, a new hope and a new opportunity to live out their dreams.

Next time you visit a Disney park, watch for all the little details that make your experience so unique. You may just pick up some new ideas to use in your DECA chapter, competition or daily life. Have a magical day!

This article was originally published in the March/April 2020 "Sports and Entertainment Marketing" issue of the DECA Direct magazine.


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