5 Online Resource for Competition Preparation

Even though the New Year has just begun, it’s never too early to start preparing for association conferences and the 2017 DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, Calif.!

From forming a study group to organizing competition prep workshops within your chapter, there are so many ways to work towards your spot on stage. Yet, sometimes the most effective study resources are overlooked.

Let’s take a look at some lesser known online competition resources that can really take your testing, role-play and written event skills to the next level!

1. Quizlet

Even though this online resource has been around for a while, it has some new game changing features for memorizing DECA vocabulary. Games like “Match” and “Gravity” can add some fun into your preparation routine, while Quizlet’s options to add pictures or to read out individual terms can add visual and audio aids to your studying. There are hundreds of flashcard sets that have already been made for virtually every career cluster and event. With the “Copy” and “Combine” functions, you can combine existing sets, or combine them with your original terms.

2. Ad AgeAdweek

These two online news sources offer a wide variety of articles in the fields of marketing, advertising, branding and technology. Visit these sites to learn more about new and growing trends and how marketing applies to very specific industries. Whether you’re practicing a role-play or writing a written project, there is endless inspiration online for advertisements or promotions.

3. Competition University

This website features a variety of test prep materials for role-play and written events. Resources include practice tests, tutorial videos and resources for written events like the advertising campaign. While the resources are not free, signing up with your entire chapter can qualify you for a group discount. Uniquely, this website also offers materials specific to advisors to facilitate training and networking.

4. Hubspot.com

In addition to a frequently updated blog about marketing trends, Hubspot offers a variety of free online certification courses that anyone can take. Covering topics like inbound marketing, content marketing and email marketing, these courses can really help you get the competitive edge by exposing you to real world marketing concepts and scenarios. In just a few hours, you can be far ahead of your peers with expertise in some of the most cutting edge trends in marketing.

5. DECA Resources

Get competition prep advice from the source! DECA.org offers video examples of each event and competitive guidelines that detail everything that you need to know about your event’s performance indicators. DECADirect.org also offers member-written articles that can give applicable advice about preparing for role-plays and what you can expect at conferences. Finally, DECA Images offers a variety of practice tests, role-plays and competition prep materials at shopdeca.org. Many items are available immediately by selecting the digital download delivery method.

Technology is currently revolutionizing the way that marketers think, and the same trend applies towards you as a DECA member. Take advantage of these online resources to #OwnYourFuture in your competitive event series!

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