DECA Competitive Events: Use of AI

Dec 14, 2023

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it can be a tremendous tool to help companies and organizations enhance their productivity and work. However, the use of generative AI also comes with significant caution and ethical considerations.

Research and report writing are important elements of modern business activities. As DECA members work on DECA activities, especially competitive events, great care must be taken to ensure that those engaging in research and report writing maintain the highest ethical standards. Please remember these important pillars as part of DECA’s Written Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity.

  1. The contents of this entry are the results of my work or, in the case of a team project, the work of current members of this DECA chapter.
  2. Credit for all secondary research has been given to the original author through the project’s bibliography, footnotes or endnotes.
  3. All activities or original research procedures described in this entry are accurate depictions of my efforts or, in the case of team projects, the efforts of my team.

Here are some guidelines for using AI:

  1. AI is a tool that can assist with brainstorming, improving grammar, or helping to understand text.
  2. AI should not be used as a shortcut.
  3. You must identify the use of AI-based tools in your work.
  4. You must ensure that the use of AI-based tools does not violate any copyright or intellectual property laws.
  5. You must not use AI-based tools to plagiarize or write for you without citation.
  6. You must be careful about data privacy when using AI.
  7. You must analyze the work of AI for accuracy. Not all AI responses are correct.

Click here for more information on DECA's guidelines and best practices for generative AI.

During DECA’s International Career Development Conference, written entries will be validated with the iThenticate program for both plagiarism and use of AI that violates DECA’s Written Statement of Assurances and Academic Integrity. Violation of the statement of assurances would lead to disqualification.


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