Finding the Perfect Competitive Event for You

It’s that time of year where many DECA members are faced with the seemingly daunting task of choosing their competitive event. With over 50 different events to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start!

Although slimming down your choices may seem hard, it can be made a lot simpler by answering a few simple questions.H_Donald_LeCompte

Do you prefer to work by yourself or as a part of a team?

Many of DECA’s events are designed to have either one or multiple participants. Knowing which you are most comfortable with will be very important, as it will make choosing your event a little bit easier. If you have questions about whether you should compete individually or as a team, be sure to discuss it with your advisor, and allow them help you make the decision.

Do you prefer long-term preparation or thinking on your feet?

This is an important question to consider, because this will determine which type of event you want to pursue. If you prefer to plan ahead and develop a presentation, then check out the Business Operations Research Events, Chapter Team Events, Entrepreneurship Events, Marketing Representative Events, and Professional Selling & Consulting Events.

If role-plays and quick thinking are more of your style, then the Individual Series Events and Team Decision Making Events might be best for you.

Are you a first-year DECA member?

DECA’s Principles of Business Administration Events are designed specifically for first-year members. There are four Principles events (Marketing, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, and Business Management & Administration) which allow you to explore a general career cluster. In these individual events, you will be tasked with taking an exam and completing a role play scenario.

Do you enjoy computer simulations?

If you do, then check out DECA’s Virtual Business Challenges and Stock Market Game. These simulations put you in the driver’s seat by allowing your actions to control the outcome of your business or stock portfolio.

Which one of DECA’s career clusters most interests you?

All of DECA’s events fall under a career cluster. Knowing which career cluster best fits your interests might make your search a whole lot easier! You can check out this Prezi to see which career cluster might be best for you.

Still having trouble after answering these questions? Then check out this competitive event interest diagram or click here to access a list with all of DECA’s available events and their requirements.

It’s almost certain that there’s an event which is calling your name. Now it’s just time to find it and prepare for it so that you can Own Your Future!

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