School-based Enterprises

DECA SBE Week 2020 is Almost Here!

This year's #DECASBEWeek takes place on Monday, September 28 - Friday, October 2. Whether your school-based enterprise is open for business in-person or online, participate by sharing photos and videos that correspond to each day's unique social media theme.

Updated SBE 2021 Chapter Certification Guidelines Available Now

Many schools will look different this year, and this may affect your School-Based Enterprise (SBE). Most SBEs may have to change some aspects of their operations, processes or systems due to the current situation in your particular location. The…

Three Reasons to Start a School-based Enterprise

Typically known as school stores, SBEs allow members to learn real-world marketing and business skills like selling, promotions and communication. Besides the personal benefits, here are three reasons to get started now!

DECA's Digital College + Company Fair

DECA is excited to share the lineup of virtual exhibitors. Whether you're searching for post-secondary opportunities, fundraising ideas, school-based enterprise resources, community service projects or professional connections, opportunities are waiting for you.

Money, Money, Money

DECA’s array of high school competitive events and learning programs provide DECA members an opportunity to learn about all aspects of finance – accounting, business finance, financial consulting, personal financial literacy, investments, capital and more.

The Best of SBE Week 2019

This year's #DECASBEWeek took place on Monday, September 30 - Friday, October 4, 2019, and DECA chapters across the world took to social media to shine a spotlight on their school-based enterprises. With thousands of posts shared, we hope you…

Get Ready for SBE Week 2019

Get your school-based enterprise ready because #DECASBEWeek 2019 is coming! This year's #DECASBEWeek will take place Monday, September 30 – Friday, October 4. Each day of #DECASBEWeek will have a social media theme that is unique to the DECA’s school-based enterprise program,…

2020 School-based Enterprises

A school-based enterprise (SBE) is an entrepreneurial operation in a school setting that provides goods/services to meet the needs of the market. SBEs provide realistic and practical learning experiences that reinforce classroom instruction focusing on the Business Administration Core, the…

Discover Opportunities for School-based Enterprises (SBE) Certification!

Does your DECA chapter run a thriving business? Consider applying for DECA School-based Enterprise (SBE) Certification. This program provides international recognition for outstanding DECA student members and chapters for their management and operation of food or retail enterprises within their…

SBE Week 2018 is Coming!

This year's #DECASBEWeek will take place Monday, October 1 – Friday, October 5. Each day of #DECASBEWeek will have a social media theme that is unique to the DECA’s school-based enterprise program, and you are encouraged to share photos or videos of your own SBE that correspond to the daily theme.

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