Congrats to the Members that Achieved School-based Enterprise Individual Certification

Jun 3, 2024

DECA’s School-based Enterprise (SBE) Individual Certification Exam measures student knowledge and understanding of key business operations concepts including financial analysis, operations, marketing-information management, market planning, product/service management, pricing, distribution, promotion, selling and human resources management.

These concepts are all vital to the operation of a successful school-based enterprise (SBE) and prepare students with 21st Century employability skills.

During the 2023-2024 school year, the following DECA members have earned an individual certification in DECA SBE by achieving scores of 70% or higher on the 100-question, multiple-choice exam.

Congratulations to the following members that earned their certification:


  • Blanca Arizmendi, South Mountain High School


  • Lohitha Kesapragada, Mountain House High School
  • Kavyanjali Nigam, Mountain House High School
  • Greeshma Thoketa, Mountain House High School
  • Sahana Chockalingam, Mountain House High School
  • Mugdha Sharma, Mountain House High School
  • Shaarav Prasad, Mountain House High School
  • Devika Nair Krishna, Mountain House High School


  • Joey-lynn Mills, Norwich Technical High School
  • A'mor Tanksley, Norwich Technical High School
  • Michael O'neill, Norwich Technical High School
  • Matthew Miller, Palmer Ridge High School
  • Jamie Pittner, Palmer Ridge High School
  • Ethan Guarnera, Palmer Ridge High School


  • Bryan Cohen, North Forsyth High School
  • Sadie Pickens, North Forsyth High School
  • Nicolas Martinez, North Forsyth High School
  • Brady Hawkins, Oconee County High School
  • Eileen Brook, Oconee County High School
  • Lilian Fitch, Oconee County High School
  • Emily Hammond, Oconee County High School
  • Nate Hilyard, Oconee County High School
  • Lily Niemann, Oconee County High School
  • Carter Norman, Oconee County High School
  • Addie Pursley, Oconee County High School
  • Cassidy Ruiz, Oconee County High School
  • Noah Sledge, Oconee County High School
  • Briggs Stoll, Oconee County High School
  • Mitchell Thomas, Oconee County High School
  • Faith Tucker, Oconee County High School
  • Alli Waltman, Oconee County High School
  • Chloe Wilson, Oconee County High School
  • Kennedy Wiedower, Oconee County High School
  • Reagan Bell, Oconee County High School
  • Kinlee Hagwood, Oconee County High School
  • Marina Mikhail, Peachtree Ridge High School
  • Annalise Meak, Peachtree Ridge High School
  • Jayla Sessions, Peachtree Ridge High School
  • Charleen Yazo, Peachtree Ridge High School
  • Cayden Smith, Ware County High School
  • Isabella Sweat, Ware County High School


  • Lily Alani-cruz, Frankfort High School
  • Jade Carbajal, Frankfort High School
  • Jennifer Cruz-quevedo, Frankfort High School
  • Dalys Garcia-martinez, Frankfort High School
  • Isaac Hernandez-martinez, Frankfort High School
  • Kyle Kirby, Frankfort High School
  • Oscar Lopez-alanis, Frankfort High School
  • Jazmin Lozano-barragan, Frankfort High School
  • Jorgo Navarro-cervantes, Frankfort High School
  • Esmerelda Vasquez-sanchez, Frankfort High School


  • Jiyu Heo, CheongShim International Academy


  • Soretti Abduljabar, Tartan High School
  • Lauren Horning, Tartan High School
  • Kayleen Xiong, Tartan High School


  • Johnathan Meza, Sidney High School
  • Duncan Carrasco, Sidney High School

New Jersey

  • Jiyoon Yeo, Academy of Holy Angels
  • Inha Jun, Academy of Holy Angels
  • Rafaella Zorea, Academy of Holy Angels
  • Ana Dileo-Broan, Delsea Regional High School
  • Tania Garcia, Delsea Regional High School
  • Jenna Master, Delsea Regional High School
  • Paula Thompson, Delsea Regional High School
  • Samantha Watson, Delsea Regional High School
  • Emmalee Coates, Delsea Regional High School
  • Vincent Panzino, Delsea Regional High School
  • Juliana Caltabiano, Delsea Regional High School
  • Abby Hunt, Delsea Regional High School
  • Alexis Seeley, Piscataway Magnet School
  • Miranda Seeley, Piscataway Magnet School
  • Lyna Chahine, Piscataway Magnet School
  • Kaysy Hernandez, Piscataway Magnet School

New York

  • Alina Arqam, Shaker High School
  • Zayd Bhatti, Shaker High School
  • Naisha Majmudar, Shaker High School
  • Yug Kunadia, Shaker High School
  • Priyanka Sethi, Shaker High School
  • Pranali Rodda, Shaker High School
  • Faraz Shaikh, Shaker High School
  • Adithya Thumilan, Shaker High School
  • Katherine Ball, Smithtown High School East
  • Julianna Nester, Smithtown High School East
  • Julianna Nester, Smithtown High School East
  • Emily Sang, Smithtown High School East
  • Brendan Thatcher, Smithtown High School East
  • Alison Tawil, Smithtown High School East
  • Melissa Sullivan, Smithtown High School East

North Carolina

  • Noel Biju, Triangle Math and Science Academy
  • Shaunya Uppalapati, Triangle Math and Science Academy
  • Angelus Jones, Triangle Math and Science Academy
  • Audrey Nam, Triangle Math and Science Academy
  • Gisele Maindron, Union Academy Charter School


  • Peighton Harak, Edmond North High School


  • Jalin Burns, Carbon Career & Technical Institute
  • Breydon Hand, Carbon Career & Technical Institute
  • Makenna Montefour, Carbon Career & Technical Institute


  • Ayur Madupur, Carroll High School


  • Chase Schillinger, Cave Spring High School


  • Tatum Gill, Archbishop Murphy High School
  • Taylor Burkett, Auburn Riverside High School
  • Kelsi Gittens, Auburn Riverside High School
  • Erika Guzman Mendoza, Auburn Riverside High School
  • Kaylie DeMerritt, Camas High School
  • Trina Diep, Cascade Sr. High School Everett
  • Alyssa Ho, Cascade Sr. High School Everett
  • Jaylen Walters, Clover Park High School
  • Joshua Parrish, Curtis High School
  • Sourish Singh, Eastlake High School
  • Marissa D'Zio, Eastlake High School
  • Deeptha Babu, Eastlake High School
  • Vishruth Arimanda, Eastlake High School
  • Angela Dong, Eastlake High School
  • Charlotte Miceli, Edmonds-Woodway
  • Kaia Bates, Edmonds-Woodway
  • Valerie Poberezhnaya, Emerald Ridge High School
  • Justin Dutton, Everett High School
  • Emma Crespo, Graham Kapowsin High School
  • Jayna Butts, Graham Kapowsin High School
  • Jackeline Valdez, Grandview High School
  • Aiden Rodriguez, Grandview High School
  • Rhiannon James, Highland High School
  • Varun Wanjari, Issaquah High School
  • Kunaal Chhabra, Issaquah High School
  • Cara Harpster, Kamiakin High School
  • Hailey McReynolds, Kamiakin High School
  • AnnaBella Sterne, Kamiakin High School
  • Hunter Frag, Kamiakin High School
  • Jack Rodda, King's High School
  • Kjell Langesater, King's High School
  • Kylie Monson, Lake Stevens High School
  • Ava McGee, Lake Stevens High School
  • Payton Thompson Vanausdein, Lake Stevens High School
  • Lily Turner, Lake Stevens High School
  • Dylan Pant, Lakes High School
  • Sean Stephens, Lakes High School
  • Josh Young, Lakes High School
  • Carter Fabritius, Olympia High School
  • Thompson Margaret, Olympia High School
  • Sadie Johnson, Olympia High School
  • Brian Guttormsen, Port Angeles High School
  • Paige Mason, Port Angeles High School
  • Jayven Coppage, Port Angeles High School
  • Nate Anderson, Port Angeles High School
  • Andrew Halberg, Port Angeles High School
  • Alexandria Money, Port Angeles High School
  • Shantel Katende, Puyallup High School
  • Josie Diaz, Quincy High School
  • Caitin Blakenagel, Shadle Park High School
  • Michael Pitts, Shadle Park High School
  • Brycelyn Oosterhof, Tahoma High School
  • Timothy McNey, Tahoma High School
  • Sarah Organ, Tahoma High School
  • Sophie Artemidze, Tahoma High School
  • Kami Ramos, Todd Beamer High School
  • Hailey Sturdevant, William F. West High School


  • Gavin Denning, DeForest Area High School
  • Kayla DeGroot, Little Chute High School
  • Owen Butkovich, Little Chute High School
  • Ronald Gromm, Little Chute High School

Updated June 3, 2024.


Debbie Taylor
Leadership Manager

Debbie Taylor is DECA's leadership manager. In this role, she implements a comprehensive student leadership program for both the high school and college divisions. She is responsible for the Emerging Leader Series, student recognition programs and leads the DECA Inc. executive officer teams and elections.

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