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Chapter Campaigns Submission Deadline Extended

Due to the academic year starting late in many schools and a constantly changing landscape, the Chapter Campaign deadline has been extended until December 15, 2020, with specific parameters. Read on to learn more.

Announcing New Membership Incentives for 2020-2021

As we celebrate the beginning of DECA Month, we are pleased to share two new membership incentives in addition to DECA’s Membership Campaign. Activate Your Chapter For each chapter that submits at least 10 student members and 1 chapter advisor…

Showcase Your Members with "New Member Week"

From October 12-16, DECA is shining a spotlight on our newest members with our first-ever New Member Week. This week is a chance for us to meet the new faces in your DECA chapter or association as you show them off.

Ten Ideas for Collegiate DECA Freshman Recruitment

Collegiate DECA offers incredible opportunities for members, and every year dedicated officers aim to increase membership. However, it can be a struggle to think of new, creative ways to recruit new students. To help, explore these ten great ways to increase membership.

Top Tips for Socially-distant Membership Recruitment

Building your chapter’s membership is one of the most important ways to set it up for success in the new school year. But what are the best ways to recruit within the “new normal” of more virtual interactions and less in-person activities? Learn how to recruit new members the socially-distant way with these top tips.

Chapter Campaign Guidebook for 2020-2021 Now Available

The 2020-2021 DECA chapter campaigns are here to help you start your year off strong! Engage your community and grow membership by participating in DECA’s five chapter campaigns. This updated guidebook will help your team navigate each campaign in both a virtual and in-person school setting.

Mountain View High School Virtual Recruitment

Like for many chapters, this year’s DECA kickoff meeting was unique for Mountain View High School in Georgia. Even though the meeting was held through Zoom, the chapter still found a way to make it one of their best meetings yet.

How to Raise Your Membership to the #NextLevel

As we enter a new year, it's time to get excited about membership recruitment! We know this year is going to look different, so here are some tips for taking your recruitment efforts to the #NextLevel!

Watch Now: The 2020-2021 #NextLevel Membership Video

This is not just another year. This is the year we push our limits and set our sights higher than ever before. No matter what your dreams and goals for the future, propel yourself to the #NextLevel with DECA. Watch…

Seven Ways to Perfect your Instagram

Social media is a huge part of forming a brand. Whether it be a product or personal branding, an effective social media account can draw much-needed attention to what you promote. Follow the tips below to create an amazing Instagram page!

Chatham Charter DECA's 3 Keys to Membership Success

Chatham Charter, a high school of 200 students, has a DECA chapter with 60 paid members - over one-fourth of the student body! However, these astonishing numbers didn't happen on their own. I'm going to share with you our three main tactics for membership campaign success.

Your Chapter's Best Year Yet

A NEW SCHOOL YEAR BRINGS A FRESH START. No matter your goals for the year, membership is the foundation of every DECA chapter. It’s important to plan ahead to reach potential new members and find innovative ways to engage your…

Collegiate DECA Recruitment Ideas

School is almost back in session, and now is the perfect time to be thinking up recruitment strategies for the 2019-2020 school year! Follow these tips below for inspiration on attaining unprecedented levels of membership: Participate in an event hosted…

Three Ways to Personalize Your DECA Chapter

Now that DECA season is back in full swing, it’s time to pull out all the stops when it comes to recruiting and retaining members! Whether your members are new or returning, it’s important that as chapter officers, you exhibit…

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