How to Get The Edge on Member Engagement

Nov 10, 2022

As an organization, we want to ensure that all our members are constantly engaged in what is happening inside the world of DECA. Keeping engagement up, especially into DECA Month, is important to keep our members involved within the amazing organization we’re all part of today. 

November is DECA Month, and it’s never too late to start thinking about the remainder of the month and the coming year. Promotion for DECA shouldn’t stop after DECA Month, so let’s keep that momentum going. Constant promotion for DECA through in-person engagement or social media will help keep our members constantly engaged and ready to Get the Edge!

Hosting events will help your members stay engaged and get your community involved. Whether through a fundraiser or a food drive for a local nonprofit, there are many ways to get your members, community members and others involved in DECA, and who knows, maybe you’ll recruit new members!

Social media has become a prominent force today, and we can use it to our advantage for promotion and engagement. If your chapter doesn’t have an online presence, talk with your advisor and get started today. Using social media consistently will help your chapter recruit within your school, meet members from across the world, see new and innovative projects and allow you to network with other organizations. Using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can give your chapter a way to show off the amazing work that you’re all doing, as well as sharing it with your friends, family and community members. Who knows, a member in your community may donate to your chapter but wouldn’t have if you weren’t actively trying to engage with an audience! 

There are various ways to keep your member’s engagement high, and the possibilities for keeping engagement up are endless. Maintaining high engagement will motivate your members to continue to Get the Edge this year!


Ross Motter
Central Region Vice President 2022-2023

Ross Motter served as DECA's Central Region Vice President during the 2022-2023 school year..

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