Top Tips to Stay on Top of Your To-Do List

October 27, 2020

Are you struggling to stay focused and get your work done? If the answer is "yes," then you are in the right place! I too have struggled with staying focused and productive. It was not until I started creating effective and efficient habits that getting work done became a breeze!

Here are my top five tips for staying on task and on top of your to-do list:

1. Write a checklist

Writing a checklist is vital for me to take my "to-do" list to a "to-done" list. By writing out all the tasks I need to complete, I can keep up with all my work and stay on track. Writing a checklist is super easy and super satisfying! Each time you finish an item on the list, you can check it off and watch the number of items disappear. If you really need some motivation you can even make an item on your checklist, “Write a checklist,” and check it off once you have completed writing your to-do list.

2. Have a set workspace

Creating a set workspace can immensely increase your productivity level. By having a set, physical space for being productive, you are also making a designated mental space. When you are in your workspace, your brain knows it is time to get to work and have the potential to be much more productive.

3. Eliminate distractions

Whether it is your phone, TV or other noise, find a way to eliminate it as much as possible. If it is your phone, put in a different room or zip it up into your backpack so that it is out of sight and in turn out of mind. Does your TV distract you? If so, find a workspace in a room without one or put the remote across the room where it is not conveniently at your fingertips. If a loud noise is bothering you, try using noise-canceling headphones—and if that does not do the trick, try to find a new (quieter) workspace!

4. Focus on priorities

So, you have two assignments to get done... One is due tonight and the other is due next week. Which one do you do? To get all of your to-do list done make sure to prioritize what work needs to get done first. Whether it is schoolwork or chores, make sure you prioritize which item needs to go from to-do to to-done first.

5. Remember to make it fun

The more fun something is, the more fun it is to do! Checking items off a to-do list works the same way! You can use fun pens, reward yourself with a snack or candy when you complete a task or just simply have your favorite music playing. Whatever makes getting work done fun for you is key to you completing your to-do list!

I hope these five tips for staying on top of your to-do list have inspired you to start checking items off your to-do list!


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