Top Competition Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

November 21, 2017

Let’s face it, DECA has a lot to offer, but competition is what most DECA members look forward to. Dedicated DECA members will start studying and practicing for their competitive event months in advance.

When competing, make sure to avoid these common pitfalls to ensure your success:


A lot of members do not utilize all the resources that are available to them. Make sure you take advantage of everything DECA has available to help you make the stage this year! Advisors are always a great resource, mainly because they know your strengths and weaknesses, which enables them to recommend a competitive event for you. Your advisors will also push you to do your best! Also, reach out to ask your chapter, association or executive officers for advice. Chances are they had the same questions as you! Lastly, don’t forget to check out all the resources available for you at and


Working in a team can definitely be a challenge. At the beginning of the school year, you are probably extremely excited and would be willing to work with anyone, but make sure your partnership makes sense. Working together should be an advantage, not a burden. Be sure to pick team members that compliment you, not just your friends. Don’t be afraid to take on an individual event too! You’d be surprised what you can accomplish on your own.


Many members psych themselves out about the exams, but they will be a breeze if you are prepared! Take the time to buddy up with other competitors in your chapter to quiz each other, even for just a few minutes during lunch or after school. You’d be surprised how big of a difference this can make. Remember, the more time you spend reviewing the information, the more likely you will be able to recall it when you take your exam.


I get it – you just had to read an entire case study, you’re already stressing out, and skipping over the performance indicators on the bottom of the page seems like a good way to save time. This move could cost you your DECA glass though! Judges will evaluate you based on the performance indicators, so it’s imperative that you highlight each one during your event. I recommend that you have each performance indicator written down on your note cards, so you have an outline for your event and talking points ready to go!

With these competition tips, you will be in the best spot to make it onto the #DECAICDC stage this year. Good luck!


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