Top 5 Tips for Prepared Events

Sep 15, 2023

DECA's competitive events program consists of three groups: Role-plays and Case Studies, Prepared Events and Online Simulations. If you're a strong presenter, passionate about writing or looking to grow in one of these areas, then DECA's prepared events might be for you!

DECA's prepared events include Business Operations Research, Entrepreneurship, Professional Selling and Consulting, Project Management and Integrated Marketing Campaign events. The prepared events require a written project and a prepared presentation, and some require participants to take a career cluster exam. All of these events should be started early in the school year because of the preparation involved.

As you begin working on your prepared event for the year, check out these five tips to help you throughout the process!

Tip 1: Written entry guidelines can be found on

The written entry guidelines are the foundation of your competitive event. It's your outline for your project or plan and represents your process to achieving your outcome.

Tip 2: Can I get the information I need from the company or about the product, event or idea?

Choosing the right written event and the right company, event, idea, product or topic is so important because you want to be passionate about the work you will endeavor in this process.

Tip 3: Write the executive summary last so that you can identify the most relevant components to include.

The executive summary is one of the most important parts of your written entry. Not only is it likely to be one of the first parts of your entry the judge reviews, but it also provides an overall summary of your entry.

Tip 4: Ask someone other than you as the project creator(s) to read the written entry to determine if your written entry is clearly understood.

Once you have completed your written entry, review it against the written entry guidelines and written entry evaluation form to ensure you have addressed each item. Edit and revise your written work to be well-organized, professional, logical and error-free.

Tip 5: Give your entry to a trusted advisor or peer to review against the Penalty Point Checklist.

Penalty points can cause you to lose your chance for advancement quickly!


Christy Rutherford
Education Manager

Christy Rutherford is DECA's education manager. She enhances and manages an educational framework for DECA’s comprehensive learning program ensuring that all student programs are aligned to National Curriculum Standards. Christy also leads the advisor professional learning series and programs to support local chapter advisors.

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