Tips from the Pros: Career Advice from Former DECA Executive Officers

Mar 9, 2021

We caught up with some of DECA’s former Executive Officers and asked them to share their top piece of advice for DECA members to succeed in their future careers. Here’s what they had to say.

Each organization has its own culture. Before accepting a role, try to understand if that culture works for you.  Cultural fit is as valuable as skill when starting in a new company.

Josh Sanderson, Southern Region Vice President 1992-1993

Don’t get bogged down by your degree when job hunting. Your ideal position might not be what you majored in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed or learn from it. The key is to always move forward.

Drew DuBoff, Collegiate DECA Vice President 2019-2020

DECA equipped me with the skills needed for a career on Wall Street. Collaborating in a team environment and competing at the highest level, DECA encouraged me to dream big and set goals to make it happen. Dreams are goals with deadlines; you get what you set.

Davide Montoni, North Atlantic Region Vice President 2007-2008

Use college as a chance to map out your career path. Research your top companies, understand their corporate culture, volunteer your time and become active in programs they associate with. By the time you apply, you’ll not only have an advantage over other candidates, but you’ll have a story to share and a name recognized by recruiters. Remember also to stay relevant and update your resume every three to six months.

Johnnie Hubbard, Collegiate DECA President 2014-2015

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. You are beyond prepared to handle what comes next because of DECA, so take a confident step forward and achieve your goals.

Rachel Lynch, North Atlantic Region Vice President 2018-2019

While pay and benefits are a motivating factor, I’ve learned that work-life balance and a company’s culture have a far greater impact. Find a challenging role with a company that wants you to succeed, appreciates loyalty and understands that life happens outside of the office, too.

Josh Shankle, Collegiate DECA President 2010-2011

Set your goals high and you will always move forward. Never doubt that you are capable of achieving your career aspirations. Remember the essential skills that you gain as a member of DECA, and use them to propel yourself forward in your career. With passion and hard work, anything is possible!

Lindsay Shannon Joyner, Collegiate DECA Vice President 2019-2020

If you have the chance to intern, try to help out in as many departments as you can. This shows initiative, plus you never know what might spark your interest!

Tori DeLeonardo, Southern Region Vice President 2009-2010


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