3 Ways to Make New DECA Members Feel Welcome

Sep 27, 2021

Photo Credit: Middletown DECA, Connecticut

Joining DECA can be a rewarding experience for members who decide to get involved. Students join to enhance their leadership, grow their network and gain a competitive edge. However, just because someone registers as a member, doesn’t mean they automatically start taking advantage of all that DECA has to offer.

As a returning member, ask yourself:

  • Did I make the new member feel welcome?
  • Did I acknowledge them by name?
  • Did I share opportunities to get engaged?

Here are three ways to welcome new members into your chapter:

1. Write a Welcome Letter

One of the best ways to make a member feel included is with a welcome letter. This can be sent as an email (be sure to BCC the recipients if sending to multiple new members at once) or mailed as a personalized letter or greeting card.

2. Participate in New Member Week

During DECA’s New Member Week, chapters can promote their new members in creative ways on campus and online. Highlighting new members shows the hospitality of the organization and can also boost your ongoing recruitment efforts.

3. Invite them into Leadership Roles

DECA provides an opportunity for every member to gain leadership experience. Even if your primary leadership roles have been elected or appointed for the semester, invite new members to participate on committees or lead special projects to become involved. This will give the new member a sense of ownership and empower them as a leader in DECA and beyond.

Starting day one, do your part to make new members feel welcome. You are guaranteed to enhance the member’s experience and help them discover their potential. By making a new member feel welcome you might be helping to develop a great leader, competitive event champion or future executive officer.


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