Three Underrated Powers of Mentorship

Feb 14, 2024

Contributed by Sophia Smith | Arizona State University DECA, AZ

Arizona Collegiate DECA has had a successful mentorship program. Our goal with the program is to grant our members the gift of mentorship, as it is a valuable experience our members can draw from outside the classroom. The power of mentorship lies in sharing industry knowledge with mentees and fostering relationships that inspire, guide and elevate emerging leaders to new heights. Here are some of our biggest takeaways from the program.

1. Confidence + Self-Esteem

Mentors positively impact their mentees when they share their belief in their mentee’s success. This empowers mentees to go through new experiences with strength and determination. Further, knowing that an industry professional believes in a mentee’s abilities instills a sense of persistence within the mentee. Wanting to uphold this level of confidence, mentees are likely to overcome challenges.

2. Lifelong Continuous Learning

Mentorship opportunities showcase the benefits of continuous learning for both mentors and mentees. Mentors can learn about new industry trends, perspectives and even new innovative approaches to their fields. Additionally, guiding mentees through challenges allows mentors to reflect on their past experiences and what they have learned in their field. For mentees, they receive first-hand experience that can be used in addition to formal education. They can also learn the industry’s unwritten rules to pursue a career.

3. The Legacy of Leadership

By mentoring, mentors can transfer their knowledge and beliefs about their industry, as well as their accomplishments and lessons they learned along the way. This creates a new generation of successful leaders who will be ready for whatever may come their way. Further, mentees can grow from this information and use it to succeed. Hopefully, they will pay it forward and continue to influence leaders from future generations to come.


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