3 Tips to Conquer Competitive Event Exam Anxiety

Feb 2, 2022

Do you get nervous before taking an exam? With these three easy methods, you will be able to overcome your test anxiety and stroll into your classroom or competitive event feeling confident that you will ace that test!

1. Immerse yourself in the test-taking environment

Imagine or place yourself in a test-taking atmosphere a few days before the exam. You can go get a cup of coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, visit the library and take some practice exams with the same layout as the actual test.

2. Try different study methods

There are numerous methods for effectively studying for a test. Investigate a few ways: you may use Quizlet's learn function, and if you become easily sidetracked, you can use the Pomodoro method, the Active Recall approach and many others! Try out a few and see what may work best for your learning style.

3. Avoid cramming

Cramming can be detrimental to your mental health. To avoid cramming, try studying for at least 30 minutes each weekday for many weeks before your test. When you leave things till the last minute, you and your brain will be anxious, making it difficult to retain knowledge and focus.


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