The Ultimate DECA Power Trip: Not a Problem

Nov 28, 2023

Contributed by Stella Bower | Kentucky DECA

At this year’s Ultimate Power Trip, over 2,000 dedicated DECA members from around the globe got the unique opportunity to spend a few days in Austin, Texas, sightseeing, experiencing new restaurants and preparing for future events such as competitions, college, and careers.  

Kentucky had the chance to host a workshop called “Not A Problem.” Participants were split into teams and given a silly marketing problem for which they had to find a solution. With only a few minutes, team members brainstormed the best solution and a sales pitch with which to convince our panel of judges that their idea would thrive in the market.

Vital skills needed in today's competitive workplace were being exercised and strengthened. Teams were grouped by the rows they were sitting in, so students collaborated with people they had never previously worked with. Collaboration is crucial to success in any career field, and teams who jumped in immediately with their unknown teammates had strong pitches where all team members were heard. Students had to choose one representative to pitch their ideas, so they practiced thinking on the spot to decide who would most effectively convey their ideas.

Everyone presenting alternated every round, so the group could not rely solely on one member. Several people had to step up and be assertive, compelling and strong. While the students enjoyed this fun session, it also allowed them to master the important skills of creative problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork and presentation.

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