The Path to Success in Collegiate DECA

Sep 1, 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newcomer curious about what DECA could offer you, taking those steps forward can provide limitless opportunities and endless possibilities. You’ll notice many differences between the high school division and the collegiate division. Let’s go over them below:

1. Prepare for Conferences

There are two international conferences during the year.

The first is Engage, held in Kansas City, MO, from November 2nd – 4th. Engage provides various opportunities for members to sharpen their leadership skills through workshops, networking and connecting with other members to learn what it takes to succeed in Collegiate DECA.

This year’s second conference takes place in Austin, TX, from April 20-23, 2024, and that’s our Collegiate DECA International Career and Development Conference. With more than 1,200 members attending, CDECA ICDC is the largest event of the school year, with many workshops, panels, career exhibits, and so much more; you’re not going to want to miss it!

2. Get Competition Ready

Case studies are a big part of how DECA prepares members to be professionally responsible and experienced leaders, two of DECA’s guiding principles. Collegiate DECA competition varies from the High School Division in a few ways, for instance:

  1. Individual events have a 30-minute preparation time; team events have an hour of preparation time.
  2. Computers can be used to develop a presentation for the judge.
  3. Meet the Pros allows members to sit with their judges and hear how they could improve during their next competition.

3. Attend One Diamond Calls

The Collegiate Executive Officer team hosts a One Diamond Call, where we discuss different topics each month.

There are so many great times to look forward to as a member of Collegiate DECA and so many ways to Experience the Difference this year!


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