Tell Your DECA Story in 4 Easy Steps

Feb 3, 2020

The next opportunity to advocate for DECA is here as February is Career and Technical Education Month®! During this month we will raise awareness and celebrate the value of Career Technical Education (CTE) and the accomplishments of DECA members around the globe!

Although there are many ways to become involved, the best way is to connect with your local legislators and community leaders to share your DECA Story. Sharing your story will showcase the benefits of DECA in your personal life, school environment and community. Sharing your story will also help others understand all of the great things we do as DECA members and the importance of supporting CTE and DECA!

To ensure that you can best share your story, DECA offers us the I AM DECA” tool! In that tool, we learn that a great story includes:

D | Describe DECA

  • Briefly share DECA’s mission or the elements that are most applicable to you!
  • What experiences and programs can you use as examples?

E | Excited About

  • What positive impact has DECA had on your life?
  • What is your favorite part of DECA?

C | Career Interest Area

  • What career are your pursing?
  • How is DECA preparing you for that career?

A | Achievement Action Goal

  • What is your goal in DECA this year?
  • What other accomplishments have you had in DECA?

Remember, when developing the content for your story, tell the story that only you can tell. Make it personal to help your audience feel, understand and get excited about what you are sharing!

I encourage you all to continue the celebration of CTE learning and our amazing organization through #CTEMonth!


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