Tapping into Your Geek Potential to Inspire Together

Oct 30, 2023

Contributed by Samer Youssouf | University of Nevada, Las Vegas DECA, NV

According to Google, a Geek is someone knowledgeable about and obsessively interested in a particular subject, especially a technical or niche interest. A book called GeekDeep by Mattew Meuleners goes over the limitless potential of geek behavior and how to tap into those habits to become successful business leaders. Matthew was also the keynote speaker at the 2021 Collegiate DECA ENGAGE Conference in Austin, TX. During the conference, I had the privilege to receive a free copy of his book, signed by Matthew himself.

Here are the top three key points I learned after reading this book:

1. Finding Your Center of Gravity (CoG)

What is the Center of Gravity? It can be defined as an individual’s irresistible force of interest and attention toward a specific topic. In other words, your CoG is the core of your geek system of passion and love that you have for a particular interest.

For myself, my CoG would be my love for video games, especially from series such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Shin Megami Tensei Persona and much more. Video games open my mind to different story-telling methods, challenge my skills against certain enemies or tasks and even teach me lessons that can be used in the real world.

By tapping into your CoG, you can take advantage of that drive to push past failure, brainstorm new ideas and achieve personal/professional success while enjoying what you do.

2. Discover What You are a Geeks Master Of

How would you define a Geek Master? Think of it as someone with a strong sense of grit or resolve. In other words, once they have their sights on a topic they love, they will do everything they can to learn and master that knowledge. One aspiring trait about geeks is that they don’t quit easily. Geeks want to be experts in their interests without being forced to.

You can use a DECA/Collegiate DECA competitor as an example, as they must be knowledgeable in a competitive event. Those who tap into their geek potential will stand out by becoming invested in their scenario and challenging the problem by presenting innovative ideas to grab the judge's attention.

3. Gather Geek Community Builders

Another thing geeks love to do besides working on their passions and interests is telling others about them. Geeks tend to have a lot to say or talk about when connecting with other individuals due to their great knowledge of the topic at hand. They can know every nook and cranny of the subject as they understand the target market to which a topic or product would sell best.

What can we do to take advantage of this Geek energy?

The first step any person should do is find what their Center of Gravity is. You may not see it immediately, but start by thinking about what you love the most. What topic are you passionate about? What do YOU geek out about the most? Then use that energy to empower your skills to bring success to your career and encourage others to do the same. As a Collegiate DECA community, we are at our best when we succeed together.

To learn more, I suggest grabbing a copy of the book GeekDeep by Matthew Meuleners, as it covers many other details and examples of harnessing geek power.


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