Syosset DECA Gets the Edge with Massive Membership Growth

Sep 29, 2022

Contributed by Kyle Dapice | Syosset DECA, NY

Syosset DECA started the year with an incredible increase in membership. Two years ago, they had just over 130 members. As a result of a lot of hard work by the officer team and extensive outreach efforts, they increased their membership to 261 members this year. This is more than double the size from two years ago, and a roughly 75% increase from the previous year, making them one of the largest chapters in New York!

Leading up to the school year, Syosset DECA remained active on social media and set up a booth at the freshman orientation club fair. They put up flyers throughout their school and chapter officers spoke about DECA in various business education classes. Syosset DECA is currently preparing role-play events, prepared events and the Virtual Business Challenge (VBC).

They are working hard and are ready to Get the Edge this year!


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