Congratulations to the Members Earning DECA's School-based Enterprise Individual Certification

Jun 14, 2023

DECA’s School-based Enterprise (SBE) Individual Certification Exam measures student knowledge and understanding of key business operations concepts including financial analysis, operations, marketing-information management, market planning, product/service management, pricing, distribution, promotion, selling and human resources management.

These concepts are all vital to the operation of a successful school-based enterprise (SBE) and prepare students with 21st Century employability skills.

During the 2022-2023 school year, the following DECA members have earned an individual certification in DECA SBE by achieving scores of 70% or higher on the 100-question, multiple-choice exam.

Congratulations to the following members that earned their certification:


  • Katelin Mascari, Perry High School
  • Amanda Nguyen, Perry High School
  • Taylor Relvas, Perry High School


  • Noah Downs, Alma High School
  • Emily Hatley, Alma High School


  • Jordyn Bourgault, Norwich Technical High School
  • Gracie Cunningham, Norwich Technical High School
  • Tenzin Samten, Norwich Technical High School


  • Leyun Kim, BC Collegiate
  • Annie Lim, BC Collegiate
  • Jaemin Shin, BC Collegiate
  • Sarang Townsend, BC Collegiate


  • Jake Bruce, Wachusett Regional High School
  • Lukas LaHaye, Wachusett Regional High School


  • Yupheng Lee, Tartan High School
  • Kayleen Xiong, Tartan High School

New Jersey

  • Dylan Abraham, Hightstown High School
  • Toby Achebe, Hightstown High School
  • Lindsey Adams, Delsea Regional High School
  • Anshu Andhavarapu, Hightstown High School
  • Dylan Arias, Hightstown High School
  • Alex Baldosaro, Delsea Regional High School
  • Sydney Ball, Delsea Regional High School
  • David Busarello, Delsea Regional High School
  • Evan Cepeda, Hightstown High School
  • Marisa Colanzi, Delsea Regional High School
  • Emma Condrey, Delsea Regional High School
  • Jordyn Conraad, Delsea Regional High School
  • Edison Contreras, Hightstown High School
  • Alyssa Dare, Delsea Regional High School
  • Julia DeFoe, Hightstown High School
  • Michelle Eang, Delsea Regional High School
  • Annalise Eubanks, Delsea Regional High School
  • Jenelle Eubanks, Delsea Regional High School
  • Alistair Farr, Delsea Regional High School
  • Charlotte Garcia, Hightstown High School
  • Alex Geber, Hightstown High School
  • Gabriella Genna, Delsea Regional High School
  • Mikayla Giuliano, Delsea Regional High School
  • Jenna Gottlieb, Hightstown High School
  • Meredith Hoeflinger, Hightstown High School
  • Michael Hopkins, Delsea Regional High School
  • Marilyn Jaya, Hightstown High School
  • Devin Justice, Hightstown High School
  • Jose Lopez, Hightstown High School
  • Xachil Joachin Martinez, Delsea Regional High School
  • Zianna Johnson-Slater, Delsea Regional High School
  • Alex Mudry, Hightstown High School
  • Boris Nievecela, Hightstown High School
  • Pushti Rana, Hightstown High School
  • Alexa Rea, Hightstown High School
  • Keenan Reiss, Hightstown High School
  • Jonathan Rojas, Hightstown High School
  • Nicholas Rolando, Delsea Regional High School
  • Christopher Roman, Hightstown High School
  • Jordan Rosoluk, Hightstown High School
  • Matthew Schamper, Hightstown High School
  • Luke Smith, Hightstown High School
  • Camila Solares, Hightstown High School
  • Peyton Slates, Delsea Regional High School
  • Treniece Smallwood, Delsea Regional High School
  • Alana Stockdill, Delsea Regional High School
  • Gabby Strzepek, Hightstown High School
  • Jayden Tang, Hightstown High School
  • Mikaela Urgiles, Hightstown High School
  • Ciaran Weissenberger, Hightstown High School
  • Trinity Wetherby, Delsea Regional High School

North Carolina

  • Daria Alexandrova, Triangle Math and Science Academy
  • Josh Asada, Triangle Math and Science Academy
  • Grant Johnson, Union Academy Charter School


  • Alexa Lo Presti, Potomac Falls High School
  • Sofia Lo Presti, Potomac Falls High School
  • Catherine Sullivan, Wilson Memorial High School


  • Kallen Rundle, Issaquah High School
  • Alec Yildirim, Issaquah High School


Debbie Taylor
Leadership Manager

Debbie Taylor is DECA's leadership manager. In this role, she implements a comprehensive student leadership program for both the high school and college divisions. She is responsible for the Emerging Leader Series, student recognition programs and leads the DECA Inc. executive officer teams and elections.

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