School-based Enterprise Individual Certifications 2020-2021

June 30, 2021

Submission deadline extended to February 18, 2022

DECA’s School-based Enterprise (SBE) Individual Certification Exam measures student knowledge and understanding of key business operations concepts including financial analysis, operations, marketing-information management, market planning, product/service management, pricing, distribution, promotion, selling and human resources management.

These concepts are all vital to the operation of a successful school-based enterprise (SBE) and prepare students with 21st Century employability skills.

For the 2020-2021 school year, the following DECA members earned an individual certification in DECA SBE by achieving scores of 70% or higher on the 100-question, multiple-choice exam.

Congratulations to the following students that earned their certification:


  • Ethan Alderfer, Cactus Shadows High School
  • Brandon Hurley, Cactus Shadows High School
  • Jaclyn Russek, Cactus Shadows High School
  • Dominic Tochet, Cactus Shadows High School


  • Sidney Jones, Harrison High School
  • Emma Ramsey, Harrison High School


  • Simran Bajwa, Canyon Crest Academy
  • Malia Betros, Canyon Crest Academy
  • Hanxi Xie, Canyon Crest Academy
  • Joshua Zhang, Canyon Crest Academy


  • Macy Chaney, Jones County High School
  • Ansley Griffin, Jones County High School
  • Colin Hall, Jones County High School
  • Marissa Humphries, Jones County High School


  • Oscar Sandoval Cruz, Frankfort High School


  • Zinoviy Birko, Rochester Adams High School
  • Peyton Bolach, Rochester Adams High School
  • Gianna Bolda, Alpena High School
  • Christian Dedvukaj, Rochester Adams High School
  • Makenzie Heyliger, Alpena High School
  • Andrew Jankowski, Rochester Adams High School
  • Kameron Potter, Alpena High School
  • Paige Timmreck, Alpena High School
  • Luke Tucker, Alpena High School

North Carolina

  • Sanjana Farmah, Triangle Math And Science Academy
  • Alessandra Fielding, Triangle Math And Science Academy
  • Courtney McCloughan, Triangle Math And Science Academy


  • Isaiah Mcdaniel, Bucyrus High School I


  • Madison Fraley, State College Area High School
  • Ada Hendrickson, State College Area High School
  • Kasie Hertzberg, State College Area High School
  • Madeline Krentzman, State College Area High School
  • Jake Levan, State College Area High School
  • Sam Marshall, State College Area High School
  • Kaitlin Owen, State College Area High School
  • Leslie Powers, State College Area High School
  • Ava Reed, State College Area High School
  • Sae'awzha Williams, State College Area High School
  • Jessica Zajac, State College Area High School


  • Michael Bowen, Blacksburg High School
  • Luke Boyle, Blacksburg High School
  • Robert Cowan, Blacksburg High School
  • Tate Harrison, Blacksburg High School
  • Mason Lattimer, Blacksburg High School
  • Samantha Skinner, Blacksburg High School
  • Alexis Snyder, Blacksburg High School
  • Ethan St. Martin, Blacksburg High School


  • Sarah Boatright, Olympia High School
  • Emma Bonbright, Olympia High School
  • Jaxon Fawbush, Kamiakin High School
  • Ryan Plumb, Kamiakin High School
  • Conner Swaney, Kamiakin High School


Debbie Taylor
Leadership Specialist

As DECA’s leadership specialist, Debbie implements a comprehensive student leadership program for both the high school and college divisions. She is responsible for the Emerging Leader Series, executive officer teams and elections, and student recognition programs like the Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program and DECA Emerging Leader Honor Award. Debbie has worked for DECA since 2019.

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