On the Horizon: Gauging Your Fit for DECA Executive Office

Jan 1, 2024

Serving as a leader within DECA is always an exciting accomplishment. Whether that is through chapter officer, association office or even executive office - DECA leaders have a crucial role in curating the DECA experience for our members.

If you’ve ever considered taking the next step and applying for executive office, be sure to keep these considerations in mind:

1. Commitment

If you were to be elected as an Executive Officer, your term would run from April 2024 to April 2025. Since this would be an entire year of service, ensure you are ready to commit. This means a commitment to travel, an active social media presence, constant communication with members and DECA Staff, and all the other duties of your position. Another thing to consider is where you will be grade-wise during your term. If you are a current high school senior who plans to attend college, know that you will serve your term during your first year. Overall, make sure that you are ready to commit to this position and to serve DECA to the best of your ability.

2. Public Speaking

A huge aspect of Executive Office is publicity. This includes speaking on stage in front of thousands of members during key conferences, hosting monthly video call series, creating and performing your own signature workshop and keynote, and always being ready to give an impromptu speech about your DECA experience. In this role, you are the face of DECA, so you have to make sure you can represent our organization accurately and confidently. Experience in this aspect of leadership would aid in your service as an Executive Officer.

3. Engagement

Since a great portion of your time as an Executive Officer is spent with members, you should feel comfortable networking with and engaging a wide variety of members. Engaging all kinds of members, from the most extroverted association officers to the most introverted first-year members, is extremely important. When you present workshops or assist with association conferences, you are expected to engage with all members and be comfortable making new connections. If this sounds like you, applying might be a good idea!

4. Time Management

A great aspect of any leadership position is time management. If you already serve as a chapter or association officer, you understand this. Executive Office is no different in this regard. A healthy amount of time management skills are necessary to succeed in this role. From writing DECA Direct articles to attending conferences, posting on social media, hosting video calls, and maintaining communication with your associations, there is a lot to stay on top of. Keeping a planner and ensuring you are punctual with all your commitments are important traits to maintain if you were to serve in this role.

If you consider yourself a servant-leader, are committed to your current leadership role, love to engage with members and possess strong public speaking and time management skills, consider applying for DECA Executive Office! Serving in this role is an unforgettable and incredibly rewarding experience but a serious commitment. At the very least, the application and campaigning process is a wonderful and unique learning experience that will allow you to grow in your self-marketing skills and leadership journey.


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