November is Native American History Month

Nov 1, 2020

November is National Native American History Month. Here are three ways that you can celebrate:

  1. Attend an educational event. In most years, local and national museums and libraries have exhibits and presentations during Native American History Month. With the change of most events going online based upon where you live this year, go ahead and do some quick research online and attend an informational video conference.
  2. Support native-owned businesses and organizations. Even if you do not live close to a designated Native American reservation, you can still identify a small business in your area owned by people of Native American descent. Your support will help keep small businesses in your area alive during the pandemic and expose you to new cultures.
  3. "Decolonize" your Thanksgiving meal. As many of us were taught in primary school, the pilgrims enjoyed a meal with the Native Americans for the first Thanksgiving Day feast. Many Native Americans reject this story's details and are now encouraging people to feature Native American cuisine and dishes at their Thanksgiving Day meals.

Native American history affects everyone who lives in the United States, and sadly it is not taught enough in our history courses. Please take some time throughout November to research and learn more about Native American culture and what local tribal communities there are near you!


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