Introducing the 2024-2025 DECA Executive Officer Team

Apr 30, 2024

Congratulations to the newly-elected 2024-2025 DECA Executive Officer Team! The team is excited to represent DECA members around the globe as they begin work on their goals and objectives for the year ahead.


Sarah Sonny

Sarah Sonny is a fourth-year DECA member from Wakeland High School in Frisco, Texas. DECA has provided Sarah with the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and memories while maximizing DECA’s impact. Sarah has served as Texas DECA’s Vice President of Leadership Development and District 7 President, allowing her to gain large-scale leadership experience. In leading her chapter as a two-term chapter president and vice president, Sarah found her love for mentoring new members. Throughout her DECA journey, Sarah has competed in Start-Up Business Plan, in which she holds first and fourth-place ICDC titles. Her DECA expertise, from past leadership positions and competition knowledge, has allowed her to flourish into a DECA leader. Beyond the blazer, Sarah is the co-captain of her school’s Debate team, a Teen Court Attorney and a Certified Nurse Aide and Clinical Medical Assistant. Sarah’s favorite part of DECA is meeting new people from all over the globe to shine the spotlight on them and hear about their DECA journey. Most of all, Sarah aims to maximize DECA’s impact every day.


Fatimah Naraghi

Fatimah Naraghi is an ambitious and goal-driven individual with a passion for business and leadership. As a current high school senior from Ames, Iowa with four active years of DECA involvement, she is eager to contribute her skills and enthusiasm to ensure rewarding opportunities for all members. As the Central Region Vice President, Fatimah strives to use her passion to enhance DECA's impact on members, fostering an inclusive and dynamic unified community. Previously serving as the Iowa DECA Vice President of Marketing, Fatimah orchestrated a significant surge in membership and financial triumphs, elevating her association's success to extraordinary heights. Her primary goal as a young leader is to demonstrate that individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, particularly women, possess the capability to accomplish anything they set their minds to. When Fatimah isn’t devoting her time to DECA, she can be found serving her local community, dominating the cheerleading mat, coaching and mentoring youth, spending time with her loved ones and continually evolving as an emerging leader.


Suraj Patel

Suraj Patel is a three-year DECA member born and raised in New York. During his time in DECA, he has learned essential leadership skills that help him achieve his goals and support everyone around him. The organization allowed him to tackle new challenges with new people to improve members’ experiences. He currently serves as the Vice President of Communications for New York DECA along with leadership roles in his chapter and outside of the organization. He aims to create as many resources as possible to increase opportunity and grow membership. Suraj has seen that a strong leader can unite a diverse group of people to effectively complete tasks and allow creativity to advance all ideas. He takes pride in his hard work and aims to help members unlock the hidden potential that lies within everyone. DECA has provided a unique space to express his interest in business and entrepreneurship. When not busy with DECA, Suraj participates in track and field and loves spending time with friends and family.


Amelia Greathouse

Amelia Greathouse is a four-year DECA member from Northern Virginia. In her four years in DECA she has served as the Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of Member Involvement at her school, Riverside High School. She then went on to run for and be elected into the office of Vice President of Marketing for Virginia DECA. She has also attended the International Career Development Conference in all four years of her DECA career. As Southern Region Vice President, Amelia wants to expand advisor recognition, help DECA reach as many people as possible and be a resource to all to keep the Southern Region #SRstrong. Let’s help the Southern Region build a Great House!


Natalya Ocana

Natalya Ocana is a third-year DECA member and senior from Lakewood, Colorado, who could not be more grateful for every opportunity DECA has given her! Previously, she has served as the 2023-2024 Colorado DECA District 3 and 13 officer, representing a vast region of over 1,100 members across Metro Denver. DECA has given Natalya not only an expanded professional network but also an improved aptitude for interpersonal relations, giving her the unique ability to connect with other DECA members wherever she goes. This past year, Natalya successfully launched her own video series, The DECA Recap, where she’s worked to connect DECA members worldwide through information, interviews and engaging content. Outside of DECA, she can often be found playing guitar, hiking, eating sushi with friends and playing on the tennis court.


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