Meet the 2023-2024 DECA Executive Officer Team

Apr 25, 2023

Congratulations to the newly-elected 2023-2024 DECA Executive Officer Team! The team is excited to represent DECA members around the globe as they begin work on their goals and objectives for the year ahead.


Alex Ellsworth

Alex Ellsworth is a four-year DECA member born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Serving as the High School Division President, Alex strives for all members to use their passion for DECA to take real action for their chapters and associations. She aims to make an impact by helping associations grow all DECA members' leadership, membership, recognition, engagement and enthusiasm. Previously, Alex served as a two-time Nevada DECA association officer as President and Vice President of Leadership. Her favorite quote is, “Leadership is not positional” because one’s impact isn’t defined by the title one holds. Alex will attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she will pursue degrees in hospitality and international business. When not using her passion for taking action, Alex enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and trying as many restaurants as possible.


Holly Huston

Holly Huston is a current high school student and DECA member born and raised in Marshall, Missouri. As a young leader, Holly is on the cusp of many educational and career opportunities. She is an eager individual who strives for excellence and always seeks outlets to devote her productive efforts. She has been involved in DECA since her freshman year of high school and has since excelled within the organization. Holly has enthusiastically participated in many leadership opportunities DECA provides, such as serving as an association officer for Missouri DECA. Not only has leadership played a role in Holly’s DECA career, but thanks to the organization, it has been implemented into her everyday life. Her primary goal as a leader is to help others succeed because she believes that when people work together, they can do amazing things. When Holly isn’t devoting her time to DECA, she enjoys spending her free time with coffee runs, upcycling clothing, ice-skating adventures and jamming out to Taylor Swift.


Trinjan Kaur

Trinjan Kaur is a high school senior from Wrentham, Massachusetts. As DECA’s North Atlantic Region Vice President, she hopes to inspire members to hone their leadership skills and take a leap of faith to accomplish their goals. Through serving as Co-president of Massachusetts DECA and leadership positions outside of DECA, Trinjan has found that the role of a leader varies across positions but ultimately means taking responsibility for bringing a group together. With a passion for embracing challenges head-on, Trinjan owns and operates a boutique to provide affordable prom dresses to her local community. As North Atlantic Vice President, she aims to increase communication between members and executive officers. She encourages all members to believe in themselves and strive to give 100% to every opportunity to reach their fullest potential.


Olivia Stegner

Olivia Stegner is a four-year DECA member from Warner Robins, Georgia. She was a two-term association officer, previously serving as the Executive President and Vice President of Leadership for Georgia DECA. After discovering her passion for leadership, she has been building on her desire to amplify the next generation of leaders. She achieves this by hosting her podcast, Leadership with Liv, where she shares her first-hand leadership experiences. Olivia has impacted DECA through exciting membership initiatives that allow students to experience the difference. She currently studies at the College of William and Mary, majoring in economics. When not wearing her DECA blazer, you can find Olivia playing tennis, listening to country music and working towards her dream of serving as a United States Senator.


Eva Shapiro

Eva Shapiro is a three-year DECA member born and raised in Colorado. Through her involvement with DECA, Eva has learned the importance of effective communication, teamwork and strategic thinking. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds and develop innovative solutions to complex problems. As Eva continued to pursue her passion for DECA, she has taken on various leadership roles, including Colorado DECA District 3 Representative. Eva's leadership skills have flourished under the guidance of DECA mentors, who have challenged her to think outside the box. In addition to developing her leadership skills, Eva has found a sense of community and belonging within the organization. DECA has provided her with a supportive network of individuals who share her passion for leadership, business and entrepreneurship. When Eva isn't busy with DECA, she spends time skiing in the beautiful Colorado mountains and enjoys lava cakes and chai tea lattes.


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