Meet the 2020-2021 DECA Executive Officer Team

May 8, 2020

Congratulations to the newly-elected 2020-2021 DECA Executive Officer Team! The team is excited to represent DECA members around the globe and take our organization to the next level as they begin work on their goals and objectives for the year ahead.


Catherine Horton

Catherine Horton, a Georgia native living in Arizona, is a three-year DECA member. Catherine joined DECA during her sophomore year and went all-in with her new chapter. She has served DECA as a chapter officer at Mountain Ridge High School and is currently an Arizona DECA State Officer. She has found great joy in all of the opportunities and challenges DECA has presented and thrives at building relationships with DECA members. Throughout Catherine’s high school career, she has involved herself in many extracurricular activities. She has been a varsity cheerleader, International Thespian and member of the track team. Catherine enjoys being a member of the National Honor Society, Freshman Mentor Program and the Glendale Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission, and is a college football fanatic! Loving the competitive aspect of DECA, Catherine has competed at the association and international levels. She has served as an advocate for DECA in her community and beyond. Catherine loves sharing her excitement for DECA and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the organization.


Nate Jacobs

Nate Jacobs is a four-year member of Lincoln Park High School’s DECA chapter. In his DECA journey, Nate has focused on chapter development, recruiting new members and piloting a freshman recruitment program. During his junior year, he served as the LPHS DECA president and was a co-chairperson for a Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) fundraiser that raised $17,000 for DECA’s philanthropic partner. It was during his junior year he made the commitment to run for Michigan state office and was successfully elected as the Michigan Vice President of Chapter Development. During his term on the Michigan State Executive Council, Nate enjoyed networking with members at the association level as and throughout the country as he traveled for DECA. It was also during this term that he was a part of Michigan DECA proudly hitting an all-time high for membership with 8,984 members. Outside of DECA, Nate enjoys traveling and playing sports. He looks forward to seeing members of the Central Region continue to be #CRStrong.


Ryan Rivera

Ryan Rivera is a four-year DECA member from New York. Throughout his four years as a member of Clarkstown South High School DECA, Ryan has led a variety of initiatives and projects to further his chapter’s success. After being elected as the New York DECA District 3 President, Ryan decided to run for New York DECA’s Vice President of Competition and was elected to serve his association. Throughout his term, he led his association in its charitable efforts for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, unified his association by increasing chapter communications, and worked on preparing competitors from around the state. His goal as North Atlantic Region Vice President is to continue these unifications across the thirteen associations within the North Atlantic Region. Outside of DECA, Ryan enjoys public speaking, debating and theater. He will be attending Nova Southeastern University as part of the class of 2024 for Public Health and Management.


Ramkishore Annachi

Ramkishore (Ramki) Annachi is a four-year DECA member from North Carolina. After attending the International Career Development Conference his freshman year and recognizing the abundant professional development opportunities, Ramki ran for association office to make similar experiences accessible to more members across his state. After transferring schools, Ramki was highly involved in reestablishing the North Carolina School of Science and Math DECA chapter. Ramki has served as the Dixie Pines Region Vice President and State President for North Carolina DECA, where his teams have led immense growth and implemented new chapter involvement programs, increasing Thrive Academy attendance. At ICDC, he won second and first place in VBC-Hotel Management in his sophomore and junior years. Ramki believes all DECA members can utilize the opportunities to grow beyond their boundaries and seeks to make more members aware of these possibilities. Beyond DECA, Ramki is a Senior Leader in his school’s IT Department, serves in Student Government and is working towards his private pilot’s license. Ramki plans to dual major in Computer Engineering and Economics.


Mattie Bradford

Mattie Bradford is a three-year DECA member from sunny, southern Arizona. Serving as chapter president her junior year and as the Arizona DECA State Vice president her senior year, she has been able to contribute to the organization she loves in many ways. Her diverse experience has allowed Mattie to gain a broad perspective and the motivation to devote herself to bettering DECA and impacting the lives of every member. Outside the classroom, Mattie spends time volunteering in her community, contributing to the development of her family’s restaurant and spreading kindness wherever she goes. She loves people more than anything and values the relationships that have been created throughout her service to DECA. Mattie plans on pursuing a major in hospitality, preparing her for a career as a flight attendant. Mattie’s passion for DECA has grown insurmountable over the course of her high school career and she plans to continue her DECA journey far beyond graduation, as a Collegiate DECA member and into her professional career.


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