Maximizing Your Final Exams

Dec 8, 2021

It's the time of the year to test what you have learned throughout the semester... It's time to maximize your final exams!

The things you have learned will soon pay off as the semester comes to an end. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you prepare for and conquer the big day.

1. Create a study schedule

Developing a solid study schedule is a key part of acing your exams. A good study schedule will ensure that you are staying updated with information on what you have learned and what you are still learning. You should estimate how long it will take for you to re-read the text, review your notes, practice problems and reflect on open-ended questions.

2. Follow the Study Schedule

It may seem obvious, but creating the schedule is the easy part. Following the study schedule will ensure that you will be ready for your exam day. Refer to the schedule each day to ensure you're staying on track. It is vital that while following the schedule you take brain breaks in between sessions. It can also be beneficial to spend some time with various tutors (if available) or other students in the same class.

3. Fuel up the night before the exam

The night before, you should refresh yourself with the material; however, don't burn yourself out the night before the exam. Eat a healthy meal and do a fun or relaxing activity to clear your soul and mind. Then, it's time to go to sleep! A good night's rest will only help you and your mind focus on the task at hand. Plus, sleeping helps lock what you've been studying into your brain.

4. Seize the Day (of the Exam)

The big day has come! After a good night's rest, wake up early and eat a hearty breakfast. Use this time to focus and glance at key material. You should try to arrive at class early to get settled and find a good seat. Finally, it will be time to pass the exam!

Follow these tips to ensure that you maximize your final exams. It is best to start planning now and not wait until the last minute. Good luck from your Executive Office Team!


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