I Graduated! What’s Next?

May 19, 2022

Did you recently graduate high school? Are you wondering how you can Get the Edge in the next stage of your life? Well, look no further!

This is how you can bring DECA with you, even after graduating high school.

Maisie Leick graduated from Valley City High School in May of 2021. She was excited, yet nervous to start the next chapter of her life at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She was a member of her high school’s DECA chapter and even served as the chapter president during her senior year. Maisie was unsure of how she could take the skills she learned in DECA into her college experience but found out very quickly how much DECA could help her Get the Edge!

DECA helped Maisie build connections not only with her fellow students, but also professors and faculty at SCSU. DECA helped her build her confidence, build her communication skills, and got her out of her shell. Maisie is now studying as an Earth and Space Science Education Major with a Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. She also participated in St. Cloud State University’s Collegiate DECA chapter, which is another way you can continue to Get the Edge with DECA!

Collegiate DECA is the best way to continue your DECA experience post-graduation, and in fact, you have the chance to participate in various events that are comparable to the high school division. Collegiate DECA's competitive events allow you to put your skills to the test while representing the university or college that you’re attending. You even have the opportunity to participate in the Engage Conference and the International Career and Development Conference for Collegiate DECA.

In Collegiate DECA, there are many ways you can stay involved. Through chapter or association programs, there are various ways to continue your DECA experience and stay connected! Like Maisie, continuing in DECA can help you build on the skills you’ve already learned. Whether you’re pursuing a business-related degree or not, DECA can prepare you to be an emerging leader in your field and can make you a cut above the rest!


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