5 Brainstorming Techniques to Produce Your Next Winning Idea

Apr 9, 2020

Whether you’re writing a paper, creating a project or preparing for a role-play, generating ideas is often the toughest part. You may feel pressure to come up with your final idea initially upon receiving an assignment, but some of the best ideas are a result of narrowing down your thoughts through brainstorming techniques. Read below for different techniques you can adapt to come up with your next great idea!

Reverse Brainstorming

We normally brainstorm by focusing on finding a solution. With reverse brainstorming, try considering ways to exacerbate the issue instead. If you have a problem, think, “How could I make this problem worse?” After conjuring up some flawed complications, reverse those to come up with solutions you may not have considered before.

Do Nothing

Similar to the above, brainstorm by changing your perspective. Ask what would happen if you did not take any action to find a solution. Then consider the possibilities of what can occur if you were to do nothing. This can shine a light on whether the problem needs to be solved at all. It will also help you discover alternative ways to remedy a situation.


This technique will require you to let your imagination run wild and come up with unconventional concepts. Ask yourself, “in a perfect world, what would be the solution to a given problem?” It’s okay for the fix to be unattainable. Then, take those outlandish plans and scale them back to become something more realistic and achievable.


“Why did X happen? X happened because of Y. Why did Y happen?” Asking questions repeatedly until you find some sort of clarity is one other approach to develop ideas. It’ll help you understand various aspects of a situation and lead you to the source of an issue that you can work to overcome.


The classic method of gathering a list of ideas that come to your head is a simple and effective way to consider all the possibilities out there. The important thing to remember is to not filter your mind or your suggestions. Don’t be afraid of judgment during the brainstorming process, whether you’re doing so in a group or by yourself.

Your mind is full of wonderful thoughts and ideas that may not have been explored yet. Taking the extra time to brainstorm can lead to more creative solutions and ones that are considerate of assorted perspectives!


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