Earning DECA Glass: Prepared Events

Nov 8, 2021

Previous ICDC competitive events winners share their thoughts and insights on DECA's prepared events. Discover tips and tricks to help you prepare for your quest for DECA glass in Business Operations Research, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Integrated Marketing Campaign and Professing Selling & Consulting Events.


Randi Bibiano
Competitive Events Specialist

Randi Bibiano is DECA's competitive events specialist. In this role, she conceptualizes and authors role-play scenarios for the collegiate and high school division’s competitive events programs. She also manages DECA's online competitive events and serves as a liaison to volunteer efforts at DECA's educational conferences.

Discussion Questions

  • 1
    How do successful DECA competitors choose a prepared event?
  • 2
    What are two examples of companies/organizations in your community in which you have an interest, passion and/or base knowledge? Please give a brief summary of the companies and your interest and knowledge.
  • 3
    What are some useful group strategies for managing and completing your prepared event?
  • 4
    What are three concerns you have about participating in a DECA prepared event? How can you and/or your advisor help manage and overcome these concerns?

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