Dress for Success: Interviewing 101

November 10, 2021

Do your members know how to make a great first impression at a job interview? Use this presentation and guided narration from Men's Wearhouse in your classroom. The presentation includes:

  • Interview preparation tips and best practices to successfully navigate the job search and interview process from start to finish
  • How to make a positive first impression and how to leverage a unique experience and skillset
  • Choosing interview attire that is right for the prospective role
  • What to look for in the fit of a suit and business professional attire
  • Additional details to show up strong during the interview process


Men’s Wearhouse believes in giving back to the communities and people in which the company serves. As such, all the Men’s Wearhouse brands extend the company’s citizenship arm on both a local and national level.Men’s Wearhouse is proud to be in partnership with DECA, helping young men and women prepare for success in college and in their professional careers.

Discussion Questions

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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Instructional Area(s):

Performance Indicators:

Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development
Interview for a job
Utilize job-search strategies
Maintain appropriate personal appearance