DECA Talks: Embracing the Interconnectivity Evolution

Dec 11, 2019

In an evolving and interconnected world, our daily lives — from home, to school, to work — continue to change with the latest piece of technology or the newest trends. In this age of technology, how can we capitalize on connections we make in college and careers, and what’s important to public leaders, businesses and organizations in the next generation? In this DECA Talk, we’ll encompass the interconnectivity evolution of the modern age and the best ways to stand out and take ownership of the future.


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Discussion Questions

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    How do you stay up to date on the latest technology and software? Take a minute to reflect, and write down your technical skills that can be shown to a potential employer.
  • 2
    Does your résumé list not only your titles, but also the skills that accompany those roles? Take some time to expand upon the projects and roles on your résumé in order to fully communicate your abilities. Be specific!
  • 3
    How can the lessons from this DECA Talk impact your chapter as well as your own personal DECA experience?
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