DECA Recognizes Lisa Delampan with Honorary Life Membership

Apr 22, 2023

Lisa Delampan has dedicated the last 30 years to serving DECA members and advisors in New England as the Chartered Association Advisor for New Hampshire DECA and Maine DECA. Her unique ability to manage and promote DECA to members in multiple associations speaks to her passion and dedication to the organization’s mission. She has been instrumental in keeping the Maine and New Hampshire associations thriving and has recently been noticed for her diligent work to increase chapter involvement by 10% over pre-pandemic levels. While her leadership in DECA began in 1993, her involvement with the organization began in the 1980s as a student member of the Concord, New Hampshire DECA chapter.

In addition to serving Maine and New Hampshire, Lisa has dedicated time at the regional and international levels. Her leadership includes time as Vice Chair of the North Atlantic Region Board of Directors and two terms on the DECA Inc. Board of Directors, serving as Board President (2002-2003) and Treasurer (2004-2005, 2005-2006). Lisa has also volunteered on many DECA taskforces and committees, helping to shape the organization’s programmatic and strategic direction. For her leadership, Lisa was awarded DECA Inc.’s Outstanding Service Award in 2007.

Lisa’s colleagues and peers recognize her as a dedicated and exemplary leader. She is someone who has shown unwavering support to DECA members and advisors. Her selflessness and willingness to take on new challenges have changed the lives of countless DECA members and are the qualities that define an Honorary Life Award Recipient.

DECA congratulates Lisa Delampan on receiving DECA's Honorary Life Membership Award!


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