DECA Inc. Honors 2020-2022 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Apr 26, 2022

The Outstanding Service Award is one of DECA Inc.’s most prestigious awards. This award recognizes marketing or business education personnel who have rendered distinguished contributions to further the mission of DECA Inc. at the international level for more than five years.

Karen Brettingen | Minnesota

Awarded in 2020

Karen Brettingen has served as a chapter advisor in both Minnesota and Wisconsin for nearly 35 years. Karen has provided visionary leadership as co-chair of DECA’s Competitive Events Taskforce. During her term, she worked closely with business and industry to ensure DECA’s competitive events program continues to align with current business and industry practices — with the integrated marketing campaign and project management events being two of the most notable improvements. Karen served as an event director at previous ICDCs.

Linda Smith | Georgia

Awarded in 2020

Linda Smith is honored for her nearly 40 years of contributions to DECA at all levels. She recently retired as the Program Specialist at the Georgia Department of Education for the marketing and hospitality and tourism programs. For more than 20 years she used her varied background to be a creative idea generator focused on improving professional development for DECA advisors and ensuring that marketing education programs are aligned to industry standards. Having served as a DECA advisor or chartered association advisor in multiple states, Linda contributed to the ICDCs in Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia.

Ginger Hill | South Carolina

Awarded in 2021

Ginger Hill has impacted the lives of countless DECA members in her more than 15 years as Chartered Association Advisor for South Carolina DECA. She has served DECA at every level, from competitive event director at ICDC and taskforce member to Secretary (2017-2018) and President (2019-2020) of the DECA Inc. Board of Directors. She has shared her passion for DECA’s mission through her presentations at various conferences, her mentorship of numerous association and executive officers and her role as DECA Inc. Certified Trainer.


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