DECA from a Law School Prospect

Jan 30, 2024

Contributed by Ethan Albert Lozano | Bethany Lutheran College DECA, MN

When people think of DECA, their mind typically navigates towards business. However, as an individual pursuing a law degree, I questioned how DECA could impact my future career. To my surprise, delving into DECA revealed a treasure trove of skills that are not only relevant but essential for budding lawyers. In this article, I aim to show how DECA has proven to be an unexpected ally in cultivating skills crucial for the legal profession.

Upon stepping into the world of DECA, my initial skepticism lingered. After all, other extracurricular activities like Mock Trials are explicitly designed to sharpen the skills necessary for a legal career. However, as I progressed within my DECA chapter, I discovered a unique set of skills that could be seamlessly applied in the legal arena and any business setting.

The first attribute that stood out was familiarity. DECA provides a platform to comprehend the intricate workings of the business world. From gaining insights into various business branches to learning the art of crafting a compelling resume, DECA offered a holistic understanding that transcends the narrow boundaries of legal studies. This broad perspective is invaluable, especially for lawyers who often deal with many business-related cases.

The second attribute that emerged from my DECA journey was public speaking. Competing in DECA compelled me to step out of my comfort zone and present my ideas publicly. This experience proved to be a crucial stepping stone for honing public speaking skills, which are undeniably essential for law school interviews. The ability to articulate thoughts confidently and persuasively is a skill that transcends the boundaries of business and law, making DECA a versatile training ground for future lawyers.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, DECA played a pivotal role in developing confidence. The competitive nature of DECA, coupled with the camaraderie within the team, nurtured a sense of self-assurance that is indispensable for a successful legal career. Confidence is one of, if not the most crucial attribute of a lawyer. Whether presenting arguments in a courtroom or negotiating settlements, confidence is the foundation of legal success.

Although my trajectory does not lead me toward the traditional business landscape, I am grateful for the skills that DECA has helped me unearth and cultivate in preparation for my legal future.

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