DECA Announces Competitive Event Topics and Updates for 2024-2025

May 3, 2024

Get a head start on the 2024-2025 competition season with DECA's updates, topics and resources for next year's competitive events program.

Complete guidelines will be posted in the DECA Guide and on by July 1, 2024.

New: Principles of Entrepreneurship event (PEN)

  • Sample Role-Play
  • The Business Administration Core will be used for both the exam and performance indicator list.

Business Operations Research (BOR)

The 2024-2025 topic for each career category is the development of a strategic plan to enhance or introduce the use of AI in an existing business or organization. Participants will collaborate with a local business or organization to analyze current AI strategies and practices. Participants will then develop and present a strategic plan for AI usage.

Helpful Resources:

Financial Consulting (FCE)

For 2024-2025, you will assume the role of a financial consultant who works with student-athletes. A potential new client, a college-level athlete who is receiving money from NIL (name, image and likeness) deals has scheduled a meeting with you to learn about how to get started with basic investing. The client would like you to explain different investing options to develop and build a financial portfolio.

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Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling (HTPS)

For 2024-2025, you will assume the role of a sales representative for a company specializing in sustainable products. The purchasing manager for a local hotel chain has scheduled a meeting with you to learn about sustainable product options that can be integrated into any of their departments.

Helpful Resources:

Professional Selling (PSE)

For 2024-2025 you will assume the role of a sales representative of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. A local small business owner has scheduled a meeting with you to see the potential benefits of adding a CRM platform to reach current and potential customers. The owner wants to learn how your CRM platform will engage customers to positively influence buyer behavior, build brand loyalty, and meet the business's goals.

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