Chapter Outreach: How North Dakota Connects Chapters

Mar 22, 2023

I met with Anika Weekes, Vice President of North Dakota DECA, to discuss what North Dakota has been doing this year regarding their Program of Leadership and Chapter Outreach. She said North Dakota’s biggest goal is ensuring chapters get involved within their communities. North Dakota wants to get members into the opportunities to job shadow and intern within their anticipated career field. She also touched on the North Dakota Adopt-A-Chapter Program.

What is the Adopt-A-Chapter Program, and how does it work in North Dakota?

Each Association officer is allocated a set number of chapters at the beginning of our term, and it is our responsibility to check in with them and help guide them in completing the chapter campaigns! We help make sure that goals are being met throughout the state by checking in and answering questions that students may have!

What are the benefits of the Adopt-A-Chapter Program?

It’s great for officers to reach out and help in any way possible. Being in contact with the chapters throughout the year strengthens our connections with our members.

How does the Adopt-A-Chapter Program help chapters prepare for the North Dakota State Career and Development Conference?

This program helps our members by contacting the officer team directly, who can be a liaison for information for our state conference. The North Dakota Adopt-A-Chapter Program has given members of North Dakota to become involved on the Association level. Using the Association Officers as a liaison from North Dakota DECA to their members, North Dakota DECA has effectively communicated with all its members and continues to Get the Edge with the connection.


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