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Jul 16, 2021

Collegiate DECA Opportunities for Every Grade Level

Joining Collegiate DECA is a rewarding experience. From working in the community and leading critical aspects of the organization, to achieving competitive success and expanding your network, there is something for every level of the college experience.


Joining Collegiate DECA as a freshman ensures the best possible start to your college career. Once you join, you'll instantly be connected to a global network of members and a tight-knit support system of new friends on your campus. The sense of community you'll gain is like no other. As a first-year member, you can use the tools and techniques to enhance your communication skills, practice what you learn in the classroom and become a stand-out in your courses. You may also win a DECA scholarship to help fuel the rest of your education.


For sophomores, the opportunities are limitless! As a sophomore in Collegiate DECA, new opportunities include tackling the Leadership Passport Program on your own or with your chapter, achieving success through competitive events, traveling to exciting conferences, and gaining new real-world experiences beyond your campus. You'll be surround by like-minded individuals as you begin to take more targeted business courses.


Junior year is the perfect time to boost your resume with Collegiate DECA. As a junior, you can explore everything the organization has to offer and gain experiences that will give you an edge in future career fairs and interviews. Whether it's meeting with business professionals, achieving success in a Collegiate DECA challenge, or guiding your chapter, you'll be poised to kick off your senior-year career search.


There are many benefits for college seniors which could lead to future internships or careers. In addition, senior year is a great time to serve as a leader through holding an elected position, guiding chapter projects or serving as a mentor. Finally, you can put your years of experience to use and cement your legacy as you claim DECA Glass and become a top performer at the International Career Development Conference.

No matter what grade you're in, the benefits are endless!


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