Announcing the 2024 DECA ICDC Social Media Team

Mar 25, 2024

The DECA Inc. Communications team is excited to announce the 2024 #DECAICDC Social Media Team! Team members will help drive the conference conversation through TikTok Videos and Instagram Reels.

Follow their accounts to watch their DECA ICDC Experience in Anaheim, CA!

Alexia Bataller San Estanislao, MO | @alexiabse

Noheya Begay, NM | @nohea_wrks

Addison Buleson, TX | @reneece_deca_

Lumyria Desma, NC | @ilove1umy

Lukas Fluegge, WA | @lukasf.48

Sara Hancock, AL | @deca__sara

Hailey Hwang, NY | @hailey_hwangg

Steven Kim, ON | @stevven.k

Asher Leventhal, NV | @asher.deca

Piper Lewis, KY | @_piperlewis

Matthew Ma, PA | @deca.matthew

Nikita Panwar, MA | @nikitapanwar124

Ava Stacker, GA | @ava.deca

Kartikeya Shukla, ON | @kartikeya_deca

Katharina Strenge, MA | @deca.kat

Olivia Thames, WI | @liv_thams

Nathan Tishgarten, GA | @deca.nathan

Brianna Tran, WA | @briannatranyt

Archer Vazquez, CO | @brightoncodeca

Jacob Whitney, CA | @deca.jacob


Caitlin Roberts
Communications Coordinator

Caitlin Roberts is DECA's communications coordinator. In this role, she manages integrated communications efforts across the organization. Caitlin serves as DECA’s frontline communications agent and manages content creation and publishing for DECA's social media accounts and DECA Direct Online.

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