An Innovative Way to Increase Member Engagement

Sep 2, 2022

Contributed by Charles Barnett | Cypress Bay DECA, FL

It is a rite of passage as a DECA member at Cypress Bay High School to experience one of the year's most significant events besides competition: DECA Day. This event effectively increases member engagement and is a perfect way to kick off the recruiting process for the following year, helping your chapter grow in size and create connections.

This event introduces members to DECA and provides a great way to increase member engagement by:

  • Providing an overview of DECA
  • Promoting ways for members to be involved throughout the year
  • Increasing competition awareness
  • Allowing members to get to know their advisors, chapter officers and each other

Recently, Cypress Bay DECA, the largest DECA chapter in the world, had all members report to the auditorium where student leaders shared a presentation about competition, chapter-related events, available DECA courses, and upcoming socials and fundraisers. They also used this time to introduce members to their chapter officers through a quick video.

They took advantage of DECA's Membership Recruitment Toolkit to create the presentation and promotional flyers to maintain a professional, yet engaging branding image. They also increased member participation in the event by giving opportunities to receive DECA merch such as stickers, pens and pins. Cypress Bay DECA topped off the event by supporting and promoting professionalism through a tie-tying contest that allowed them to increase participation and give members a glimpse of the fun activities this year.

DECA Day increases the connections within their chapter and gives them a chance to share important information that generates anticipation and excitement for the year ahead!


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