5 Study Tips for College Students

Feb 14, 2024

Contributed by Gabriella Ramos | Wake Technical Community College DECA, NC

College is a period of growth for many, but it can also be challenging for academics. Finding effective studying strategies is key to helping you succeed in your classes and make the most of your college experience.

Here are 5 of the best studying tips for college students:

1. Find Your Perfect Study Space

Finding a study spot where you can focus is crucial. Look for quiet places like the library, your room or any place with minimal distractions. Whatever environment helps you study best, make it your regular go-to spot so that your brain knows it is time to study each time you go there.

2. Take Effective Notes

Good note-taking skills are vital to absorbing information from your classes. Note key concepts, facts and examples rather than the whole lecture. One good recommendation is concept maps. They help connect and bring together all the ideas of one unit on paper. Using highlighters, underlining, charts and symbols can help organize your notes and make the information stand out. Reviewing your notes soon after class can also boost retention.

3. Make Flashcards

For memorization-heavy classes, flashcards can be extremely helpful. Creating your own flashcards forces you to think through the information actively. Then, practicing with them strengthens your ability to recall that information. Use them to master vocabulary words and refresh concepts.

4. Form Study Groups

Collaborating with classmates is a great way to review material and gain new perspectives. Getting other perspectives helps you understand the material better. Occasionally, meet with a small group to quiz each other, do practice problems, reteach concepts, etc. Teaching others will reinforce what you already know.

5. Take Practice Tests

Treat studying like test prep by taking practice exams and doing sample problems from your textbook. Practice problems expose you to various ways that questions can be asked. This is especially important near midterms and finals so you can pinpoint areas to review. Getting familiar with the test format can also help calm pre-exam nerves.

Implementing just a few study tips for college students can improve motivation, understanding and retention. Determine what study methods work for your learning style and refine your approach. Partnering these strategies with discipline and commitment will set you up for continued success throughout your college career.


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