School-Based Enterprise Individual Certifications

Updated February 2, 2021
Sbe Individual Certification 3x2

DECA’s School-based Enterprise (SBE) Individual Certification Exam measures student knowledge and understanding of key business operations concepts including financial analysis, operations, marketing-information management, market planning, product/service management, pricing, distribution, promotion, selling and human resources management.
These concepts are all vital to the operation of a successful school-based enterprise (SBE) and prepare students with 21st Century employability skills.

For the fall semester in the 2020-2021 school year, the following DECA members earned an individual certification in DECA SBE by achieving scores of 70% or higher on the 100-question, multiple-choice exam.

Congratulations to the following students that earned their certification:


  • Sidney Jones, Harrison High School
  • Emma Ramsey, Harrison High School


  • Zinoviy Birko, Rochester Adams High School
  • Peyton Bolach, Rochester Adams High School
  • Christian Dedvukaj, Rochester Adams High School
  • Andrew Jankowski, Rochester Adams High School

North Carolina

  • Sanjana Farmah, Triangle Math And Science Academy
  • Alessandra Fielding, Triangle Math And Science Academy
  • Courtney McCloughan, Triangle Math And Science Academy


  • Madison Fraley, State College Area High School
  • Kasie Hertzberg, State College Area High School
  • Madeline Krentzman, State College Area High School
  • Jake Levan, State College Area High School
  • Jessica Zajac, State College Area High School


  • Michael Bowen, Blacksburg High School
  • Luke Boyle, Blacksburg High School
  • Robert Cowan, Blacksburg High School
  • Tate Harrison, Blacksburg High School
  • Mason Lattimer, Blacksburg High School
  • Samantha Skinner, Blacksburg High School
  • Alexis Snyder, Blacksburg High School
  • Ethan St. Martin, Blacksburg High School


  • Jaxon Fawbush, Kamiakin High School
  • Ryan Plumb, Kamiakin High School
  • Conner Swaney, Kamiakin High School
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