2019 DECA ICDC Competitive Events Winners

Congratulations to the competitive event winners at the 2019 DECA International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida!

  • View the Comprehensive Competitive Events Results here. 
  • Rewatch the livestreams from general sessions here.
  • Learn more about the 2019-2020 Executive Officer Team here.
  • Awards photos are available for download now! This year, DECA is providing these photos free of charge. Click the links below to access the photos.
  • Photo booth photos can be accessed here. 
  • Download the Press Release Template here. 

Virtual Business Challenge Accounting (VBCAC)

Sponsor: Knowledge Matters

Virtual Business Challenge Fashion (VBCFA)

Sponsor: Knowledge Matters

Virtual Business Challenge Personal Finance (VBCPF)

Sponsor: Knowledge Matters

Virtual Business Challenge Restaurant (VBCRS)

Sponsor: Knowledge Matters

Virtual Business Challenge Retail (VBCRT)

Sponsor: Knowledge Matters

Virtual Business Challenge Sports (VBCSP)

Sponsor: Knowledge Matters

DECA Hotel Challenge (VBCHM)

Sponsor: The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Hospitality Services Team Decision Making (HTDM)

Sponsor: Marriott International, Inc.

Accounting Applications Series (ACT)

Sponsor: Association of International CPAs

Automotive Services Marketing Series (ASM)

Sponsor: NAPA Auto Parts

School-Based Enterprise – Food Operations (SBEF)

Sponsors: Intuit Education

School-Based Enterprise – Retail Operations (SBER)

Sponsors: Intuit Education

Franchise Business Plan (EFB)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Business Growth Plan (EBG)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Independent Business Plan (EIB)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Innovation Plan (EIP)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Start-Up Business Plan (ESB)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Entrepreneurship Promotion Project (EPP)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Entrepreneurship Series (ENT)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making (ETDM)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

International Business Plan (IBP)

Sponsor: Intuit Education

Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series (AAM)

Sponsor: Men’s Wearhouse

Principles of Marketing (PMK)

Sponsor: National Apartment Association Education Institute

Integrated Marketing Campaign-Product (IMCP)

Sponsor: FIDM

Community Service Project (CSP)

Sponsor: Lead2Feed

Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)

Sponsor: H&R Block Dollars & Sense

Principles of Business Management & Administration (PBM)

Sponsor: AT&T Aspire Mentoring Academy

Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (BMOR)

Sponsor: PiperJaffray

Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research (HTOR)

Sponsor: PiperJaffray

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Operations Research (SEOR)

Sponsor: PiperJaffray

Financial Literacy Promotion Project (FLPP)

Business Services Operations Research (BOR)

Finance Operations Research (FOR)

Business Finance Series (BFS)

Business Services Marketing Series (BSM)

Food Marketing Series (FMS)

Human Resources Management Series (HRM)

Hotel & Lodging Management Series (HLM)

Marketing Communications Series (MCS)

Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series (QSRM)

Restaurant & Food Service Management Series (RFSM)

Retail Merchandising Series (RMS)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series (SEM)

Principles of Finance (PFN)

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism (PHT)

Creative Marketing Project (CMP)

Integrated Marketing Campaign-Event (IMCE)

Integrated Marketing Campaign-Service (IMCS)

Financial Consulting (FCE)

Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling (HTPS)

Professional Selling (PSE)

Learn & Earn Project (LEP)

Public Relations Project (PRP)

Stock Market Game (SMG)

Business Law & Ethics Team Decision Making (BLTDM)

Buying & Merchandising Team Decision Making (BTDM)

Financial Services Team Decision Making (FTDM)

Marketing Management Team Decision Making (MTDM)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making (STDM)

Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making (TTDM)

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