Role-Play Events

Sports and Entertainment Competition Tips from the Pros

DECA offers several sports and entertainment marketing competitive events for members to flex their skills. To help you prepare for your next competition, I gathered some insider knowledge from two previous SEM event competitors.

Using Classroom Knowledge for Role-plays

Whether it is a case study, role-play or a written event, it is always important to be prepared for competition. The best way to elevate your performance in front of a judge is by using the skills learned through your…

5 Ways to Win #DECAGlass in a Role Play This Year

Here are five ways to boost your chances of making it to #DECAICDC in a role-play competition: 1. Focus on the exam and study with a purpose One of the often-overlooked portions of a DECA role-play is the exam. The…

5 Advanced Competition Tips for Collegiate Members

How do you stand out among the crowd? Go get ready for this competition season with some new tips and tricks to incorporate into your next case study or role-play. 1. Use Visuals Rather Than Bullets Points Bullet points on…

What Will Your Legacy Be?

The journey began with the 536-mile car ride from Akron, Ohio to Baltimore, Maryland. There were seven of us chosen for this amazing opportunity and we were headed to one of the biggest events that one could go to— The Ultimate DECA Power Trip.

Your DECA Role-Play Roadmap

Here’s a role-play template you can use as a guide, plus some extra tips and tricks you can use to impress your judge.

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